Product Range

Please find a list below of some our new products which are currently not in our catalogue.

We are constantly striving to improve and create more and more products which are no longer manufactured by the original manufacturer.

Below is a list of products new to our range.

E Type Hinge Lock Covers
Series 1, 2 2+2 Undertrays
V12 A/C Undertrays
MK1 Cubby Box
E-Type Speaker Plastics
E-Type Moulded Sun visors
Hood Pull Down Straps
Above rear door glass moulding
Series 3 Heater Covers
Series 3 DHC Wheel Arches & Speaker Cover Plastics
Door Casing & recess plastics

MK2 Moulded Sun visors

XK140 DHC / FHC Underdash Aluminium

XJ6 Series 3 Fibre Glass headlining board (with & without sunroof)
XJS Fibre Glass headlining boards (also facelift models)
XJS Carpets fitted with original heel mats


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